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Emergency Battle Dressing Compression Bandage

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  • Small and portable, treatment of traumatic hemorrhagic injury.
  • Sterile disposable packaging, special dressing surface process, used in the follow-up treatment to remove the bandage and not open the wound again.
  • Multi-directional dressing design, allowing the wrapping tape to be wound in a different direction. Can be used in the head, legs, arms, torso, or other parts of the body, in the groin and head to stop bleeding is extremely useful.
  • Simple and quick: even if the wounded one hand operation is no problem, to facilitate the scene to save themselves.
  • The most unique design in the two comes with the ring, a pressure in the gauze area through the ring, one is the end of the fixed ring, each ring has openings in the middle, the operation without cutting size, or the use of nylon buckle or needle fixed, familiar with outdoor sports friends will think, a little change, the two clasp in the wild there will be a lot of application space, this IBD has actually far beyond the usual understanding the concept of first aid bandage bandage, he integrates sterile gauze, fast homeostatic bandage, pressure device, can already be called a small emergency system, while the total length of 144 inches (3.6M) elastic bandage can also be used in case of emergency to make rings, straps, and even as a simple tourniquet.


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