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Emergency Solar & Hand Crank Light Radio

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Compact Radio and a powerful 3 LED flashlight. Offers a choice of self-charge, solar and external recharge power options. Multiple ways to power/charge the radio: hand crank to wind up internal alternator, expose to sunlight to charge by solar panel. DC recharge by connecting the mini USB cable to computer. This is a self power emergency radio that you and your family can depend on, anytime anywhere, any weather. Very compact, light, and easy to carry, good survival kit when cellphones power off.  


1 minute hand-cranking supports over 5 minutes radio play time, over 30 minutes of continuous torch light, and 5 minutes cell phone talk time.



Size: 128mm x 60mm x 40mm

AM: 525 KHz to 1710KHz

FM: 88MHz to 108 MHz

LED Lifespan:100,000 hours

Working Voltage:2.7V to 4.2V

Battery Power: 3xAAA/300 mAh/3.6V Ni-MH

Weather Band: 162.40 to 162.55 MHz

3-LED Flashlight

LED illumination: 5000lux 120mm

Package Includes:

1 x Radio with Lanyard

1 x USB Cable