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Waterproof Pants

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  • 100% Polyester - The exterior is made of waterproof, windproof and quick-drying soft shell fabric, and the inner lining is made of granule fleece for warmth.
  • The bottom of legs have zippers and gaiters - During hiking, avoid dew-wet legs; during skiing, avoid snow and coldness go inside the pants. 
  • Adjustable stretchy waist allows pants to fit comfortably. Zippered front and rear pockets keep your small items stay safely while moving. A zippered mesh is added to the inside of the trousers to keep body temperature fast while exercising. 
  • 2 Large-capacity zipper side pockets with plush inner fabric to prevent the cold caused by metal, and hidden zip pocket on the back to protect your valuables.
  • Multi-function pants features soft shell surface layer which is durable, lightweight, waterproof, windproof, breathable and comfortable. Preventing us from being scratched by anything, it is greatly possible to prevent direct contact between the human body and sewage and to ensure maximum body temperature.
  • Includes adjustable belt

                 Size Chart

 Size Waist Hips Pants Length Inseam
S 75~84 cm
(29.5~33.1 inch)
92 cm
(36.2 inch)
99 cm
(39 inch)
72 cm
(28.3 inch)
M 80~90 cm
(31.5~35.4 inch)
96 cm
(37.8 inch)
101 cm
(39.8 inch)
74 cm
(29.1 inch)
L 82~94 cm
(32.3~37 inch)
98 cm
(38.6 inch)
102 cm
(40.2 inch)
74 cm
(29.1 inch)
XL 84~98 cm
(33.1~38.6 inch)
104 cm
(40.9 inch)
105 cm
(41.3 inch)
77 cm
(30.3 inch)
2XL 86~104 cm
(33.9~40.9 inch)
108 cm
(42.5 inch)
107 cm
(42.1 inch)
78 cm
(30.7 inch)
3XL 92~106 cm
(36.2~41.7 inch)
112 cm
(44.1 inch)
107 cm
(42.1 inch)
78 cm
(30.7 inch)
4XL 96~110 cm
(37.8~43.3 inch)
114 cm
(44.9 inch)
108 cm
(42.5 inch)
79 cm
(31.1 inch)
5XL 99~114 cm
(39~44.9 inch)
118 cm
(46.5 inch)
111 cm
(43.7 inch)
81 cm
(31.9 inch)



These waterproof cashmere hiking pants have excellent warmth, using the warmest quality fleece under the same weight, scientific cashmere structure, lock the air to keep warm and keep body heat. The shell is made of breathable high-tech materials that keep you dry during outdoor sports or hard work. All key seams are reinforced and sealed to create a truly windproof and waterproof garment. The high Performance Outdoor Sports Hiking Pants are fearless. Winter activities become more interesting when clothes are not bulky. Our pants are made of a soft, pliable material that stretches in multiple directions. They are designed with a linear motion flow. Under the premise of keeping warm in winter, the weight of the pants is lighter than that of the general warm pants. The inner material uses polyester fleece to increase warmth and reduce weight. The waist has an elastic waistband, 2 large-capacity zip pockets, and a hidden zip pocket at the back to ensure that you can carry large items and protect valuables.


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